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January 2011



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Jan. 7th, 2011


Honesty, honesty, honesty. What did I eat today...

Breakfast: Asiago cheese bagel with vegetable cream cheese spread.
Oh, and the free non-fat peppermint mocha that came with it.

Lunch: Avocados and cream smoothie (about 500 calories) with 12oz of vegetable soup (about 90 calories).

Dinner: Two real, measured servings of corn (160 calories). About half of a red bell pepper (10 calories).
Pretty good. I could have picked something more nutritious than corn though.

Today, naked, I weigh 136.
I was actually surprised... given that, as usual, I have not recently put forth any significant effort towards losing weight, which leads me to believe that drinking those avocado smoothies every single day have contributed to my weight loss. Finally, something that I can freakin' do to help lose weight that I actually enjoy!
I'm very pleased that I am safely well out of the 140's! UGH!

Nov. 21st, 2010

(no subject)

So... I've pretty much failed my do-not-drink-starbucks mission.
I. Can't. Stop. Drinking. It!!!
It's delicious.
It lifts my mood.
It gives me more energy.
I like feeling like a sophisticated coffee snob.

I suppose I will have to find a way around this...

Nov. 15th, 2010

(no subject)

So today... wasn't the best day for my diet. Pretty much did almost the exact opposite of my diet intentions.
My coworker offered to get me Starbucks while she was out and I was weak and said YES, I would really like to disregard my goals right now and indulge in a yummy grande non-fat cinnamon dulce latte because I'm feeling tired, overwhelmed and unmotivated on this particular Monday afternoon... Yeah, and this week was supposed to be my week of eliminating sugary coffee drinks. Fail.

Hardly drank any water at all. Skipped breakfast. Had a peanut bar as a morning snack, oatmeal for lunch, then that latte, and when I got home had a banana with peanut butter. Did remember to take my diet pills though.

Did not go to the gym.
I'm actually pissed that I didn't make it... because I sincerely intended to go. Except I got stuck at the house waiting around for this guy to come over and look at the car parts we're trying to sell, that kept saying he was coming and then never showed up.

I do, however, feel good about the fact that I totally reorganized the hallway closet [[a semi-major project that has been put off for way to long]] and de-cluttered the living room while waiting for the above flaky douche bag.  I love the way throwing things away, organizing and the smell of febreeze makes me feel. =]

Nov. 14th, 2010

(no subject)

So I erased all of my old journal entries from a year ago, in hopes of making a new start and change of direction with this journal.

On November 9, I weight 142 pounds. This morning I weighed 138. I really hope to continue this steady progress. Just seeing this small progress so far is super motivating.  Power-walking 4 miles on an incline on the treadmill yesterday felt liberating, and I hope I can do that 4 times a week. Every time I eat a salad, say no to "heavy" food or drink a glass of water I feel good about myself.

With my diet, I've been trying to eliminate one "bad food" a week.  Last week it was bread.  I did pretty well with that - I think I only ate a half of a sandwich as the only thing that included bread. While bread will continue to be a no-no except every great once in a while [[aka: not a staple of my regular diet]], next weeks "elimination challenge" for me is NO SUGARY COFFEE DRINKS.  No Starbucks [[which I haven't been doing anyway... because I'm sorta broke right now. Grr.]], and no coffee at work loaded up with sugar and vanilla creamer.  If I really need the caffeine, I can drink green tea instead [[in fact, green tea should be a staple diet food for me anyway - it promotes weight loss]].

I'm happy that I haven't had the urge to just run to the store for a tube of cookie dough because I feel bored, lonely, etc.  Even better, when I'm in the grocery store, sweets are now easy to resist. I don't pick them up... I don't even do a double take when I walk by. I can walk through the bakery section with all the cakes and warm bread, and not feel compelled to grab anything - not even the free samples. Now I just see it as something that would make me fat, and am almost repulsed by it. The jar of candy on my desk at work - I don't eat it. Everyone else picks at it - not me.

I'm doubtful that I will ever get this drinking more water thing down, but I'm going to keep trying! Same with the consistent, steady eating pattern throughout the day: Breakfast, snack, small lunch, snack, small dinner... for my metabolism.

A few examples of perfect diet days, which are all right around 1000 calories (enough calories so my body doesn't think I'm starving and stores everything as fat, yet low enough to where I'm guaranteed to burn more than I'm taking in every day):

7:45am - Oatmeal
10:00am - Apple
12:30pm - Salad
3:00pm - Snack Bar
6:00pm - 4oz Chicken with Veggies

7:45am - Banana Nut Cereal
10:00am - Grapes
12:30pm - Banana with Peanut Butter
3:00pm - Carrot Sticks
6:00pm - 6oz Fish with Veggies

7:45am - Yogurt with Strawberries and Granola
10:00am - Raspberries
12:30pm - Avocado with Smoked Salmon Slices
3:00pm - Cucumbers
6:00pm - Vegetable Soup

The above would be ideal. I'm not there yet - I eat all those things and pretty much nothing else, but I'm not good at spreading them out like that. This morning, I had my cereal at 8:00am, and am just barely making it through an apple now at 1:30pm because it's hard for me to eat when I don't feel hungry.

I have been good for the past few days at remembering to take my diet pills twice a day, and I know those are helping for sure.

With the gym... I must go at least 4 times a week. This is not going to work any other way.
I find that walking at a good pace (3.8mph) at an incline for a decent period of time (not pussing out after 15 minutes - actually going a full 45 minutes to an hour) is going to be not only better for fat loss specifically, but it's a relatively easy workout routine to stick to. It feels like a work out - my heart rate is going, I sweat and I feel it in my legs - but I'm not out of energy right away so I can keep going.  I should also continue with light weight, high repetition strength training in my arms, shoulders, back and stomach.

CURRENT: 138 at 5'7" (22 years old)

[[Once I reach 120, I will re-assess and see if I still want to keep losing or if I look how I want at that weight]]